What's That I Hear?!

As soon as the second semester began at CCS we were thrown into the gigantic Golden Age project. We were each put in groups with different themes and advisors. The goal was to make a 1952 full color comic of our given theme. I was put into the superhero group (yessss!) with Paul Karasik and Alec Longstreth as advisors (double yesssss!). Here's what we came up with.
The premise is that Earshot is a boxer by day, vigilante by night. Earshot has super hearing which he uses to fight crime with his boy sidekick Sonar. In our group we were put into pairs to create a 10 page story for Earshot and Sonar. Here's the splash page for myself and Jesse Durona's story about Earshot facing the hideous Earwig! (Note: There is text missing. So don't complain to me about it. I already know)

Group Photo! (Paul Karasik, Jon Fine, Beth Hetland, Alec Longstreth, ME!, Jesse Durona, Corey Middleton and Carol Thompson) We didn't leave each other's side for the two weeks we had to complete this project. Surprisingly no one wanted to kill anyone. Hooray!

This group photo was taken just before we started printing. We're all a little delirious due to 2 weeks full of work, little sleep, work, lots of coffee, work, pizza and more work.

1952 comic industry, you just got slammed. BLADOW!

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