The Toast Begins!

I know I haven't been good about updating but for good reasons! I have been busy with the final project for CCS which is... anything we friggin' wanna do! Yes! I have decided to take all the comic knowledge I have obtained this year and spew it out into a project I've been thinking about for a while. Grump Toast! I always imagined Grump Toast being an anthology of stories much like the great Eightball or Yummy Fur. So I have furiously set to work on it. I have five titles that will be featured in the first issue of Grump Toast. There will be three longer pieces (6 to 7 pages) which are Pinky Palms (see previous update), Unfortunate Face (silent horror), and Asphalt (action-ish). Then the two shorter pieces (1 to 2 pages) will be a diary comic like strip called Monkanonee and a miscellaneous strip called Hrrk! Here's a sample of a finished Hrrk! page.

The only other thing I have to show is a couple of pages from Asphalt. Asphalt Monroe may look like a hard boiled detective but really he's just a bum. Asphalt lives out of his car, drinks heavily, finds missing dogs for extra cash and hates everyone and everything. Here's a sample of an unfinished page that I'll probably re-work.

Most of the story will involve Asphalt drinking, crying, brooding and further alienating himself from society. But he will fall into some action type plots. Like..oh i dunno.. fight a SHARK with a BASEBALL BAT!!!

Oh hell yea! Anyway, I'm still working out all the kinks in each of the stories. But I'm really excited about finally creating Grump Toast. I will be posting more as I complete more.

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