A Ghastly, Sexy What Have You

One night while hanging out with Nick Patten and Denis St. John we decided to push our comic skills to the limits of our own sanity. We would each make a one page disgusting, horror comic in one hour! GASP! Here's what I came up with.

In other news, some of the ladies of CCS got together and made a sexy calendar depicting each other in very scandalous situations. It was only a matter of time before the CCS men came along and made a calendar of our own. Since there are way too many guys at CCS we put two men to a month. So we were broken into teams of two. Within those teams we would come up with an appropriate setting for our given month and then draw one another. I was paired with the manly Kevin Uehlein for the month of March. Here's what we came up with..

I bet this picture gets you all hot and bothered. But wait there's more! More manly months can be found here!

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