Too Funked To Funk

I've been bad and have fallen off the blogging band wagon. But (and I know how many times I've stated this) I am back to keep this blog a rolling!!!!

Recently I've had my busy hands in many different pots. Let's talk about em!!!

Last week I had to give my thesis presentation to the entire CCS faculty and student body. It went very well! Check it out HERE! Along with the presentation I also had to create a poster to showcase my thesis. I decided to make the main image all my characters and myself at a diner. Check it out!

So that was busy project number one! The next is my involvement with The Puppet Tree. In order to graduate CCS I must have 60 internship hours. Luckily I met the wonderful Anne Legunn who runs Puppet Tree. At first she told me I'd be painting sets, designing logos and cleaning the studio. However when it came time for someone to don a heavy vulture puppet costume Anne asked if I would step up to the challenge. And I did! And here I am playing lead vulture for many groups of children at the VINS Raptor Center.

At least now I know if cartooning falls through I can become a professional vulture.

Next up we have my Professional Practice final. To successfully pass this class I have to create something that will help me in my career as a PROFESSIONAL CARTOONIST!!! So I decided to make promotional items such as shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. Here are a couple of sticker designs...

And here's my shirt design. It's a green design on a black shirt. I think it's going to look spiffy!

Besides all of that I've been putting the final touches on an Asphalt story, working on a new Monkanonee and Unfortunate Face, and producing a portrait for this beauty of an anthology.

Soon I will be posting the entire Asphalt story as well as other goodies. So stay tuned!

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  1. Ben!!! You are so freaking talented!! I love the promotional material! Hope all is going well at school.

    Baby Shellie