Cinematic Toast Followed By Asphalt Tunes

What's up everybody! I have recently returned from my winter break in the wonderfully gloomy Seattle. It was a great stay full of friends, family, fun, yadda yadda yadda. Now that I'm back in Vermont it's time for some serious comic work! Right now I'm in the final stages of a brand spanking new Unfortunate Face story (and a horribly disgusting one at that). In the meantime I did a fun little side project. Remember that little homicidal scamp, Toast? No? Well here he is...

Well I decided to redraw Toast as different characters from some of my favorite films! I drew them all from my memory (which is pretty poor) so some aren't exact renditions. But I had a friggin' blast doing it! Try and guess which ones are which! There's an answer key at the bottom of this post...

In addition to this side project I have also began making soundtracks for my different characters. These are basically CD length mixes that portray central aspects of the character's life and personality through music. I'm pretty damn proud of how the Asphalt soundtrack has turned out. I have no idea what (if anything) I will do with these soundtracks. Here's Asphalt's track listing:

1. It Begins - Herbie Hancock
2. Bajo Tierra - Alejandro Jodorowsky
3. Down In The Hole - Builders And The Butchers
4. The Sicilian Clan (Ennio Morricone Tribute) - John Zorn
5. Jockey Full Of Bourbon - Tom Waits
6. R.I.B. - Goblin
7. There He Is Again - Gene Page
8. Misty - Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
9. Just Because - Roosevelt Franklin
10. L Isola Del Gatto (Versione 2) - Marcello Giombini
11. Nights On Broadway - Bee Gees
12. Attila: Chi Dona Luce Al Core? (Verdi) - Orchestra Of La Scala
13. All Night - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
14. Experiment In Terror - Henry Mancini
15. Land Of Go - April March
16. Ice Cream Song - David Hess
17. Hot Potato - Circus Contraption
18. Confunktion - D. Richmond
19. It Don't Happen Overnight - Chuck E. Weiss
20. Electric Blue - Danny Edwardson
21. Cherries Were Made For Eating - Asei Kobayashi
22. Daydream - Bernard Wystraete
23. Sometimes I Wish I Had A Gun - Mink Stole
24. Loving You Girl - John Schroeder
25. How Could I Be Such A Fool - Frank Zappa & The Mothers
26. Music People - Jack Mayborn
27. Sunny - Boney M
28. Hill Of The Skull - John Satriani
29. Bluesbuster - Pacific Gas & Electric
30. The Ecstasy Of Gold - Ennio Morricone
31. Truck Turner End Theme - Isaac Hayes

Jeepers! It's a great soundtrack I assure you. As soon as I put the final touches on both Pinky and Face's music I will post the tracks. In the meantime, stay tuned for Face's latest, disgusting morality tale. Yay!

ANSWERS (From Left To Right): Toxic Avenger, Beetlejuice, Marilyn Monroe, Lone Wolf & Cub, Man With No Name, Marty Malt (Dark Backward), Three-Boobed Alien (Total Recall), Robocop, Battle Royale Student, Tommy Wiseau (The Room), Ernest, They Call Her One Eye (Thriller)

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