Unfortunate Face in "No One Rides For Free" Part 1

What did I say? What did I SAY?! For quite some time I said I would be posting the brand new Unfortunate Face story. WELL HERE IT IS!!! And by that I mean the first three out of ten pages...and they still need the title and grays to be added in. But besides all that hoo-ha it's done! Enjoy the first tasting!

EGADS!!! What is that womanly shadow that Face is approaching?! Tune in next posting to find out! Since I feel like this post is a little on the small side I'll post the track listings for the Unfortunate Face soundtrack. This is the hardest to endure mixes just in it's sheer creepiness. Regardless it's still DAMN good!

1. Mad Puppet Laugh's - Goblin
2. Tragic Kettledrums / Eyes Gouged Out!- Herschell Gordon Lewis
3. Spider Baby - Fantomas
4. Fear - The Ventures
5. The Forest Of No Return - Sun Ra Arkestra
6. Trash's Theme - SSQ
7. Devil's Masquerade - Syrius
8. Automatic Writing - Joseph LoDuca
9. Experiment Number 6 - Lemon Jelly
10. Ode To My Employer - Circus Contraption
11. Then There Were 2 - John Murphy
12. Tuff Ghost - The Unicorns
13. Sighs - Goblin
14. Who Is She? - I Monster
15. Killing - Claudio Simonetti
16. Clifford's Mustache - D Styles
17. TV Set - The Cramps
18. Pink Cigarette - Mr. Bungle
19. Ghost Song - Air
20. No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo
21. Give Her The Axe - Joseph LoDuca
22. Running Scared - Roy Orbison
23. Apoteosi Del Mistero - Morte Macabre
24. Night Of The Hunter (Remix) - Fantomas
25. Gardener - John Boy Walton
26. Always See Your Face - Love
27. Mad Puppet's Laugh - Goblin

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