Me! Me! And Some More Me!

It's been quite some time since I've posted any of my autobiographical comic Monkanonee. This strip (named after my childhood nickname) acts as an introduction to each issue of Grump Toast. Recently I redrew the very first Monkanonee strip. The second page doesn't have any grays but I think it still looks fly.

Next up is the Monkanonee strip for the second issue! This is half based on a dream I had and half on Lamberto Bava's film Demons. If you haven't seen Demons do yourself a favor and watch it NOW! In the meantime check out this comic banger...

Recently I've ventured into the world of podcasting with my good buddy Andrew Takahashi. We do a podcast devoted to our love of films called Nerds For Reel. It's basically Andrew and myself trying to talk about movies but constantly getting each other waaaaaay off topic. It's been an unstructured blast! So far we've done two episodes but more are on the way.

Stay tuned for the Asphalt revamp!

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