A Quick One While He's Away

Hey everybody! I'm busy gearing up for MoCCA festival which is a little over a week away. I plan to debut both the first AND second issues of Grump Toast there. After MoCCA I'm going to be putting up a store on this fine blog so anyone can start buying my comics! Oh excitement is brewing!

Alright I think it's time for a brand new Giggleton story! It's a two-parter! Both parts will be featured in the second issue of Grump Toast. Enjoy!

Oh those funny animals will never get it right! Haha! Next up is another edition of Film Toast! Here's our lil' buddy Toast...

Now here's Toast as some of it's favorite movie icons! See if you can guess who's who!

Answers (starting at top left) - Leon: The Professional, Divine: Pink Flamingos, Rollergirl: Boogie Nights, Dream Sam Lowry: Brazil, Columbia: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kid: House Party, Phantom: Phantom Of The Paradise, Dwayne & Belial: Basket Case

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