Pinky Palms in "Birthday Your Way" Part One

Hello all you beautiful people! I'm been super busy lately what with my final due, shows, knife fights, etc. But I've come up for breath to give you my comic goods! First off let's talk about MoCCA! It was a great weekend of hucking comics with these fine people...
(From Left to Right: Beth Hetland, Josh Kramer, Pat Barrett and Yours Truly)
While there I was selling these...

Yes it's true! Grump Toast Issues 1 and 2 have arrived! The second issue cover needs a couple of tweeks but that's it. Grump Toast did pretty well at MoCCA which is always a nice feeling. In the near future I will be putting up a store so the world can start buying my comics, prints and shirts. The future's looking reeeal good!

In the meantime here's Pinky Palms in his latest misadventure. Enjoy!

To Be Continued...

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