Find A Map And Get Lost

Well it's official! I'm a graduate from the Center For Cartoon Studies! Oh YEAH! Not only that but my entire class graduated which is a first for the school. So all in all we rocked the CCS thesis year! The graduation ceremony was on Saturday and it was spectacular. There was dancing, laughing, crying, a beautiful speech from Francoise Mouly and a diploma designed by Aaron Reiner. Here's a video of the entire ceremony. It was quite a whirlwind of emotions and even now it's hard to believe I'm done at CCS. It's truly a sad but joyous time in my life. Here's some photos my work being showcased at the school.

Also my classmate Josh Kramer has taken the liberty of setting up a blog about our senior showcase. Be sure to check out everyone's artwork. It's all great! As of right now I have several different projects on the horizon but am taking a little time off to relax. But I'll soon be posting some new doodles and old sketchbook pages. So stay tuned!

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