Hey Thesis! You're Done Suckah!

BZZOW! My thesis project for CCS is finally complete! After 9 months of writing, drawing and packaging I'm finally done! Phew! For my project I decided to package the first two issues of Grump Toast in cardboard toasters! I constructed these out of recycled beer and cereal boxes. Then I wrapped em' up in aluminum foil. It was a process that took 3 days of carboard insanity. Ingenious? Maybe. Frustrating as all holy Hell to make? Oh indeed. But it was all worth it! Check it...

In other news Nymphonomena (last year's CCS anthology I was involved in) was listed at number 14 on the Comics Journal's Top 25 minis of 2010. This couldn't have come at a better time because us Nymphonomenites are about to embark on our third reprinting! Oh what exciting times we live in! Wheee!

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  1. ha! What a fun way to package your thesis----loooove grump toast!