The Colors & Sounds Of Asphalt Monroe

Guess what? It's the 50th post! YAY! We've come a long way, baby. For this monumental post I'm fully dedicating it to everyone's favorite angry drunk Asphalt Monroe. First off, I've been wanting to color Asphalt's mighty bar fight in Memory Sloshed for quite some time. So I did! While drawing this I used a set of fighting style cards (as well as stills from Kurosawa films) to base the drawings on. The fighting cards had figures in red showing the moves step by step (day by day). I wanted to try and emulate this while coloring these fight scenes. Check them out won't you?

Oh man! How cool are those?! To round off this Asphalt extravenganza I've included the second Asphalt soundtrack. I think it may be the best soundtrack I've done yet. But I'll let you be the judge of that. Hit it!

1. Revolution - Herbie Hancock
2. Taking Care Of Business - Vic Ruggiero
3. Kriminal Theme - Les Maleditus Sound
4. The Man With The Foldback Ears - Fred Lane
5. Night Moves - F. McDonald
6. I'm Gonna Catch You - Gene Page
7. Misty - Johnny Mathis
8. Necronomania - Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab
9. Drunkard's Dream - Circus Contraption
10. Apotheke - Goblin
11. I Morti Si Svegliano - Marcello Giombini
12. Every One's A Winner - Hot Chocolate
13. Under Pressure - Nick Ingman
14. Tu Mens - April March
15. Escape - Roy Ayers
16. Prisoner Of Love - Bo Diddley
17. If You Don't Want My Love (Instrumental) - J.J. Johnson
18. Valarie - Frank Zappa & The Mothers
19. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Ukulele Orchestra Of Britain
20. Who Is She & What Is She To You - Madelaine
21. Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile - Isaac Hayes
22. The Show Must Go On - Leo Sayer
23. Man With A Harmonica - Ennio Morricone
24. A Town Without Pity - Gene Pitney
25. Ending (Sword Of Vengeance) - Hideakira Sakurai & Kunihiko Murai

You know I really don't plug my Nerds For Reel podcast that much. I started it with my film friend Andrew Takahashi and now our buddy ol' pal Robert Persinger has joined. I'm not as dedicated to it as my comics but I have a lot of fun recording these. If you have a spare hour and wanna hear three nerdy dudes laugh and chat about movies give it a listen. Otherwise enjoy not having fun.

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