A Film So Shocking It Has To Be True!

It seems like I'm a man of my word. Why? Well it looks like these are brand new, fully colored comic pages! Oh indeed they are. These are the beginning of the complete re-drawing of everybody's favorite anthology, Nymphonomena! Allow me to set the scene: This is the origin story of how the idea for the film, Nymphonomena, came to be. It starts with young budding film student, Robert Falconer, going to a college party and being slipped LSD into his beer. Falconer, thinking he's extremely drunk wanders off into the forest only to find a space ship...

Falconer tries to tell everyone about his nightmarish ordeal but no one will believe him. So he decides to make his whole experience into a film that carefully documents the intergalactic love goddess. The movie he actually makes is the all musical, gender bending, B movie known the world over as NYMPHONOMENA!!!!

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